Clint Lawing

Associate Media Director

Clint Lawing doesn’t believe in just checking off boxes. He cares about how the task is done and the results that happen after. Before joining MediaOne as a consultant in May of 2020, Clint worked at a search engine startup and earned an MBA at Western Carolina University. In his current role as MediaOne’s Associate Media Director, Clint strives to creatively drive traffic to customers. Coworkers or clients would describe him as relentless and thorough, but also friendly and caring.

On his days off, Clint loves to build things in his yard with his sons: the people in his life he aims to inspire the most. Within the next year, he strives to reignite his physical fitness and spend some more time outside mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, and fly fishing. He’s always listening to books and is currently devouring the fantasy genre.

“Care about what you do and how you do it” is a motto Clint lives by. He’s always finding impactful local causes and organizations to support and hopes to be remembered as someone who was always there when needed.