Duran Willis

Brand Partnerships Manager

Duran Willis

Duran Willis is MediaOne’s Brand Partnerships Manager. Before taking this role, Duran worked in the Production and Live Events industry after graduating a Dawg from the University of Georgia. As a people lover through-and-through, Duran brings a strong sense of compassion to his role at MediaOne.

He strives to ensure every client is cared for with the highest regard through a keen work ethic and doing the job the right way, even when it isn’t the easiest way. His clients and coworkers say Duran leads with integrity, character, and excellence. Before he leaves this earth, he hopes to experience the joys of being a grandfather.

A self-proclaimed “sports podcast guy,” Duran loves all-things sports and competition. On Saturday morning, you will find him supporting his three sons in all their sports (you name it, they play it). Duran is happiest when he is watching his sons do what they love and spending time with his high school sweetheart and wife of 15 years, Lindsey.

Duran gives his time and resources to Rally Foundation (which helps raise money for the fight against childhood cancer) and Lighthouse Family Ministries (which helps families navigate the difficult road of childhood cancer).

He wants to be remembered as someone who loved his family deeply, cared for all he came into contact with, and led with integrity and a strong character. Whether Duran is at his desk, on the sideline at his kids’ games, or out serving his community, he is always living out his personal creed: “love well and big”!