Elizabeth Causey

Executive Assistant

We are so pleased to have Elizabeth Causey join our team as Executive Assistant! She has worked as a high school math teacher and in human resources and loves organization, creating systems and finding better ways to do things.

Elizabeth is reliable, hard-working, and warm-hearted. People who know Elizabeth know that she is always there for them to commiserate during the hard times and be their cheerleader in the good times. Her personal motto is simply, “surrender.” She says this is because, “I have a hard time holding on to things I cannot control and harping on things that happen to me. This year I am focusing on letting go of those strongholds to hopefully find more joy during those tough times but also enjoy the good times with more gratefulness.”

Elizabeth is eager to travel more and would love to see every state and Asia and Australia. It is fitting that her six-month-old son is named Indiana! Another goal of Elizabeth’s is to learn to play the piano. She loves podcasts, especially Office Ladies where the hosts give behind the scenes details about the show The Office. Elizabeth is happiest outside on a beautiful spring or summer day hiking, swimming, or grilling. She supports International Justice Mission, Jungle Kids for Christ, and Mustard Seed because they meet people where they are, without judgement and help them go where the never thought they could go before.