Jessy Adams

Budget Analyst

Meet Jessy Adams,’s Budget Analyst! With a bachelor’s degree in business management, she joined our company after engaging with MediaOne for three years through her previous role as an accounting services supervisor at a CPA firm. Jessy’s experience in QuickBooks, payroll, and her familiarity with companies of all sizes make her an invaluable asset in supporting financial decision-making processes. Her coworkers and clients often use the words “supportive,” “hardworking,” and “detail-oriented” to describe her, acknowledging her excellent project management skills, ability to multitask, and talent for organizing.

Outside the office, Jessy’s true happiness lies in spending quality time with her friends, husband, two daughters, and their beloved dog. On Saturday mornings, you can find them embarking on fun-filled adventures, exploring local farmers’ markets or relaxing by the pool. She hopes to one day swim with sharks and go to Italy!

Jessy is not only dedicated to her work and family but also deeply cares about causes that empower people without judgment. She actively participates in her church, supporting local and international communities. Recently, she and her daughters have been contributing to a library project, donating books and volunteering their time to sort through donated literature. Jessy likes to listen to audiobooks and particularly enjoys autobiographies, adventure, and mysteries. She has started reading her 3-year-old daughter the Harry Potter series!

If she had to sum up her life philosophy, Jessy’s personal motto would be: “Do not let life pass you by!” She believes in making the most of every moment, cherishing both the big and small experiences that life has to offer. After all, life is a precious journey, and Jessy aims to embrace it fully.