Landon Daugherty

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Landon Daugherty, the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at, who brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role. With a BA in Marketing from the University of Tennessee, an MBA from LSU, and experience in various Marketing Director roles at mid-size agencies, Landon is well-equipped to take on the challenges in his current position. One of Landon’s standout skills lies in working with Paid Social Media departments and crafting successful campaigns on emerging platforms.

Landon wants people to remember him as being a joy to be around and someone who genuinely cares for others, both personally and professionally. His coworkers and clients describe him as honest, happy, and confident.

Beyond the professional realm, Landon dreams of traveling abroad and he is expecting a son due January 2024! When he’s not busy at work or preparing for fatherhood, you can find Landon with his friends and family watching or playing sports. He cares deeply about organizations supporting mental health awareness and local animal shelters. He has a lab-mix rescue named Ruby and lab River!

Landon says his motto is to, “remain true to myself and never judge anyone based on their past but rather look for the good.” Landon brings a warm and accepting attitude to all aspects of his life. We are so glad to have him on our team!