Al Stauffacher / Director
Twin Cities Gateway Visitors Bureau

Better Strategies and Digital Solutions

We started our relationship with MediaOne as a test. We had been working with other digital marketing firms with mixed results, primarily due to insufficient reporting or questionable data. Because we compete directly with much larger DMOs in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, our marketing initiatives have to generate measurable outcomes in order for us to increase our marketshare.

The initial test with MediaOne outperformed all of our previous digital marketing efforts by every metric. Each year, we add to our digital budget and try different solutions recommended by MediaOne, all of which have performed well. We have moved virtually all of our digital marketing to MediaOne because it works.

MediaOne takes a strategic, instead of tactical approach to our business, The digital arena is changing and evolving so rapidly that we can’t keep up with it. But that’s what MediaOne does all day, every day so they’re on top of it. We rely on them to provide recommendations for new strategies and solutions to enable us to reach and, hopefully, convert, our best prospects into visitors.

MediaOne optimizes our campaigns on a weekly basis to help ensure our digital marketing delivers results. Unlike many others, MediaOne measures to Google Analytics, instead of to its own platform, which gives us an apples-to-apples comparison with our own data. MediaOne’s reporting and the insights and recommendations they provide are best in class and enable us to make changes to our campaigns, as needed, as well as provide strategic direction.

Media One has exceptional customer service and support. Anytime I have a question or request, they are quick with a response and solution. We have in-depth monthly calls to review the data to help us know exactly how our campaigns are performing. Finally, MediaOne does all the heavy lifting with any grant requests and makes my job much easier when it comes to that task.

It’s simple. If you want better strategies and digital solutions that deliver results along with excellent customer service, I can and do recommend MediaOne with enthusiasm.

Full Range of Digital Results

I like working with MediaOne because they are forward thinking, proactive, responsive, and on top of the latest technologies in research and digital advertising. MediaOne has provided outstanding service and a full scope of resources that have generated exceptional results and exceeded our expectations.

A great digital partner, MediaOne is there for us, not just once a month but every time we have an issue, discover a new opportunity, or need to better understand how we can maximize metrics to generate even greater returns. What sets them apart is impressive service that’s personal, solves problems, creates new solutions, and works with us every step of the way.

MediaOne regularly provides and presents the full range of digital results. This makes a huge difference in our ability to redefine our targets, refine our messaging, and meet our markets through continually updated metrics and reporting. Results from MediaOne are not just a chart. They are the foundation for effective brainstorming conversations, where we actually work together with the MediaOne team to identify strategies and tactics, and respond in real time to meet new opportunities and ensure best possible outcomes and growth for our clients.

Karen Tessier / President
Market Connections

Julie Kirkpatrick / CTA, CDME, President & CEO
Northern Kentucky CVB

100% dedicated to honesty and integrity

We have worked with MediaOne since 2016 on a number of different campaigns: programmatic, retargeting, prospecting, and content activation.  I can say without a doubt that MediaOne is 100% dedicated to honesty and integrity with a customer-success focus. Our campaigns have been very successful and met all KPIs that we set.  I would definitely recommend MediaOne to any marketing professional looking to amplify their brand online.


MediaOne.digital produces results
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