Retargeting ads are like the proverbial shadow that follows you, but it follows you on the web.  After a person visits a webpage or social media site, that person can be tagged which then allows you to follow them wherever they go on the web and continue to serve them ads for a defined period of time.  It is a top of the funnel awareness tool that is very effective in creating brand awareness and turning that awareness into a sales conversion.

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There are two types of retargeting methods: Pixel or Cookie based and Location-based.

Cookies can be embedded in a webpage, using Google Tag Manager, that will attach to any visitor to that webpage. That cookie then follows the visitor wherever they go on the web for a specified period of time which gives you the ability to deliver marketing messages over and over. In addition, the audience can be segmented based on the content of the page that they landed on. The creative can be dynamic, and ads can be sequential. It’s a powerful way to build prospect relationships that result in conversions.

Location-based or Geofencing allows you to identify potential customers by their location. Geotargeting can pinpoint a specific store, attraction, or just about anything and deliver a relevant message to anyone close by.  For instance, as someone passes by a visitor center, an ad can be delivered with a destination opportunity or discount.   Locations can be tracked back 2+ years and can include special time frames or events.

Sequential Messaging

Tell a story with your ads. Delivering multiple messages to the same target allows you to highlight a variety of your selling points to people who have already shown an interest.  This creates a pathway for people that leads them from interest to action.

Segmented Retargeting

Audience segments can be created by identifying and using the content of the specific pages someone lands on. For example:

  • Places to stay
  • Family
  • Outdoor
  • Vacation planner

Ads can then be delivered that are relevant to that interest.

Dynamic Ads

Ads can be designed and delivered to someone after they look at a product, service or destination.  This gives your product on-going top of mind awareness.


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