Josh Sherwood

Managing Partner & Chief Digital Strategist

Josh Sherwood is MediaOne’s Managing Partner and Chief Digital Strategist. Before the five years he’s already given to MediaOne, Josh spent 11 years in digital marketing, working for everyone from the Tallahassee local newspaper to the largest paid advertising agency in the world. He brings a keen focus on differentiation to his roles at MediaOne. You will find Josh constantly striving to do some good in the world by humbly helping others … but without sharing it on social media.

Within his lifetime, Josh hopes to see his kids have kids. This year, he wants to bike 100 miles in less than seven hours without his low back going out. His off days are spent perusing corners of Twitter, listening to podcasts about bike riding, and working to maintain his good health. He’s never one to shy away from a long bike ride, even though the inevitable halfway suffering. Josh enjoys supporting local companies and charities, and hopes to help others find their life’s passion and have fun pursuing it.