Brand Partnerships

Strategic Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships are a great way to work with companies or organizations with similar target markets, geographic reach, or customer segments. Brand partnerships can help the participating brand partners to align with and activate best prospects and identified target audiences or reach new customers. While each brand brings its own identity, when two or more brands partner together, it adds value to the brand and builds trust among current and potential customers.

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What are Strategic Brand Partnerships?

Strategic brand partnerships are collaborations between companies or organizations that have similar target markets, geographic reach, or customer segments. In these partnerships, each brand maintains its own identity while working together to align with and activate their best prospects and identified target audiences. This collaboration can also help in reaching new customers. The essence of such partnerships is the mutual benefit they offer, adding value to each brand involved and building trust among both current and potential customers.

Types of Brand Partnerships

  • Standalone Retail: Imagine a brand finding its unique spotlight in a retail store. This is what Standalone Retail partnerships are all about. It’s a one-on-one collaboration where a brand gets to shine in a retailer’s space, bringing its own flair while benefiting from the retailer’s customer footfall.
  • Multi-partner Retail: A gathering of brands, each bringing something special. This type of partnership pools together multiple brands in a retail environment, creating a variety of customer touchpoints and a shared platform for the brands.
  • Digital Influencer: Brands team up with social media stars and content creators, tapping into their digital influence to reach audiences in a personal and powerful way, often sparking trends and conversations.
  • Local Company: It’s all about community charm here. Brands join local businesses, creating a synergy that resonates with local tastes and values. This partnership style not only celebrates local flair but also strengthens community bonds.

Benefits of Brand Partnerships

  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Affiliation with recognizable brand(s)
  • Increase the reach and frequency of messaging
  • Reach new prospects and target audiences
  • Build organic website traffic
  • Generate first party “opt-in” database leads
  • Your competition isn’t doing it

Brand to Brand Partnerships

Caveman Foods & Sevierville, TN

  • 700 nationwide displays in Sprouts, Wegmans, Fresh Markets and specialty health stores
  • In-store presence valued at $310K with almost 26 million impressions
  • 3 percent Caveman sales increase YOY (despite supply chain issues)
  • 37,457 entry pageviews and 24,634 total entries
  • 9,233 Sevierville opt-ins
  • 8,581 Caveman opt-ins
  • 55.5% open rate on two Sevierville emails


The best brand partnerships add value to all brands

and build trust among current and potential customers.