Audience Segmentation & Targeting Strategy

Reaching your desired audience with relevant ads and content is the goal. We use the power of data to effectively deliver the right message at the right time. We have proven strategies that make the whole process easy and successful. We begin by identifying the decision-making process then create effective campaigns for reaching that audience.

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Target With Data

It’s all about who you are targeting, and data leads the way.  We use the latest technology to identify your target audience.  There are basically five strategies we use to accomplish this:

  • Programmatic – the use of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to guide our digital buys
  • Contextual – identifies websites with content that is relevant for your message
  • Affinity – identifies your audience by tracking long term consumer behavior
  • Geolocation – brings the physical and digital world together
  • Remarketing – follows the user who has engaged your Brand

Programmatic can do the Leg Work

Programmatic Advertising plugs traffic data and online display targeting into algorithmic (AI) software to buy and sell online display ads.  Industry use of this technology has seen substantial growth in recent years.

Contextual is King

Contextual Targeting is delivering digital ads to website pages with relevant content as seen in the example below. Contextual placements also include ads delivered to a user after they have visited a relevant site.

Contextual advertising spending is projected to reach over $375 Billion worldwide by 2027.

Keywords Rule

We first determine how people find your website organically, what words they are searching with and what pages they are landing on. This information gives us the SEO wisdom and insight we need to create and expand your Keyword library.   In addition, we strategically use the Google Keyword Research Tool to out-bid competitors Keyword purchases.  This gives our partners the competitive edge in the SEO Keyword bidding wars.

Geolocation Targeting

We can now target mobile devices based on their current or past locations. Geotargeting can pinpoint a specific store, attraction, or just about anything and deliver a relevant message to anyone close by.  For instance, as someone passes by visitor center, we can deliver an ad with a destination opportunity or discount.

Affinity Targeting

Affinity Targeting is based on long term online behavior and specific interests.  Examples include frequent beach travelers, hikers, foodies, business travelers etc.


This is digital marketing, across all devices, that follows users who have been to your site.  Once they leave your site, we can track their online activity and continue to deliver your message for an extended period. This can be implemented across multiple channels with native, display, Facebook and more.

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Reach the Right Audience
At the Right Time