Matin Asghari

Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Matin Asghari, our newest Digital Marketing Manager. Matin’s journey at MediaOne began in July, 2023, marking his transition from Media Operations in the furniture industry. Matin’s academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Science degree in PR and Engagement Marketing from Kennesaw State University. Complementing his degree, he holds a Digital Marketing Certificate from General Assembly, and training in various tools including CM360, Yahoo DSP, Meta Ads Manager, and Firebase. Matin brings a trio of essential attributes to his role: communication, flexibility, and unwavering determination.

The impression Matin leaves on those he works with is resoundingly positive. His colleagues and clients use words like “happy,” “hardworking,” and “detail-oriented” to describe him. These adjectives reflect his commitment to his work, attention to detail, and the enthusiasm he injects into everything he does.

Beyond the professional realm, Matin’s philosophy revolves around cherishing every moment, whether big or small. In his free time you can find him hitting the pavement on a run, exploring hiking trails, or simply relaxing by the beach. In the upcoming year, he has set his sights on a personal achievement: running his first full marathon.

Matin’s compassion extends to causes that matter deeply to him. He actively supports organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association and Susan G. Komen, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact on society. When asked how he wants people to remember him, Matin says he aspires to be remembered as someone who extends a helping hand and makes everyone feel valued. Matin’s personal motto is, “When the going gets tough, tough gets going,” which encapsulates his resilience and tenacity.