Mike Robertson

Vice President of Brand Partnerships & Director of Culture

Always early, energetic, and caffeinated, Mike Robertson is MediaOne’s Associate Vice President of Brand partnership and Director of Culture. He has a Certificate of Marketing from Cornell, and November will mark four years at MediaOne. Mike truly loves to communicate what MediaOne is all about: helping destinations, ecommerce, education, and banking better use their marketing budgets.

In the next few years, Mike hopes to travel to Barcelona and watch FC Barcelona match live, walk the footsteps of Jesus in Jerusalem, and swim with a great white shark off the coast of South Africa. This year, he’s trying to keep his weight steady, and instead devour a bunch of books: (currently: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek; before that: the Dune trilogy; next up: Sun Tzu’s Art of War). On Saturday morning, Mike is usually on the soccer fields with his sons, but he also tries to find time to re-energize through trail running.

Mike supports Champions United out of Uganda — a fabulous organization that is changing a generation of young Africans — as well as North Gwinnett Co-op and Out of Darkness. “Do what you can with what you have, where you are,” is a motto he embodies in both work and life. One day, Mike hopes that people remember him as someone who gave when he didn’t have to, loved even when it hurt, and truly cared about other people.